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The Building Travel app allows real estate agents to display real estate on a tablet and transfer the images directly to the TV panel for instant editing within the app. With a custom management console, administrators can easily update the apartment’s image, text information and status.

Getting back to the roads in the state, odisha enjoys better position as far as road density ( total length of all roads per 100 sq km) is concerned. The ext

    ent of rural road connectivity in Odisha , though is better than the national average, it is way below satisfactory limits. With 62% all weather connectivity roads and the state government trying for a growth rate of 9% growth rate in road connectivity to rural areas, this is certainly going to increase.

    All the afore mentioned factors are indicators of  the basic infrastructure facilities of a state and as can be seen Odisha’s performance in the sector is not that commendable. Though the state government has started taking initiatives , it will be a while before things turn up. The odisha government has decided to pump in close to Rs 1 lakh crore in infrastructure development of the state in the 12 five year plan. This is done with an aim to boost tourism, hospitality, IT & ITeS , energy and higher education sector. The state is also aiming to set up a platform for the local entrepreneurs by providing robust infrastructure facilities to the MSME sector.

    Industry bodies and economists are of the opinion that if the State Government is able to translate the plan into reality in infrastructure development, it would be able to take odisha to the status of the most developed state in the country.